Aqualogic Ozone Gooseneck Kitchen Mixer

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Aqualogic presents a new series of mixers that combine ozone and water to produce ozone water straight from the tap. Ozone is a powerful broad spectrum microbiological control agent and kills bacteria and germs on contact.

Ozone gas is known to be the most effective bactericide on earth. It disinfects and sterilises by killing bacteria and germs. Ozone is more than 100 times stronger, reacts 3,000 times faster* and is more effective in killing bacteria than chlorine.

Brand Aqualogic
Range Ozone
Color Chrome
Warranty 1 Year (conditions apply)
WELS Rating 4 Star
Water Consumption 7.5 LPM
Additional Features:
Removes odours & kills 99% of germs.
Kills surface based germs & bacteriasuch as Hepatitis A and Legionella.
Kills all common food pathogens, E-coli,Listeria, Shigella and Salmonella.
Removes agricultual Pesticides,Chemicals & Residues left on vegetables & fruits.
Food preservation: delays the moulding and decaying processes also keeps food fresher.
Chemical free hand sanitising.
Removes Chlorine & Fluoride from water.
Produces Alkaline water which has antioxidant properties.
Not recommended as a primary source of drinking water.