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The Satellite Water Filtration System with Square Goose Neck Filter Tap provides water filtered to 1 micron through a seperate designer tap.

SKU FS7075
Brand Oliveri
Made in America
Flow rate 0-1.9L/min
Water pressure 70-500kPa
Temperature 2- 38c
Micron rating 1 micron
Capacity 9,450 litres or 1 year whichever comes sooner (+)
Type Satellite Tap and Satellite or 3 Way Mixer
System connection required 1/2" bsp
Filter tap hole required 13mm
Installation vertical or horizontal
Vertical space requirements Height 460mm (allows space for cartridge replacement) -                                                     Width 225mm
Horizontal space requirements Height 225mm ; Width 460mm
Warranty 6 years
Type Satellite Tap